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Sammy Sweetsparkle
Gender: Male
Species: Sweetsparkle
Age: Immortal, about the age of Poof
Personal Information
  Fairy World
  Foop (one sided by Foop's side), Vicky
Love Interests:
  Goldie Goldenglow
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Love Triangle
Latest Appearance:
  Certifiable Super Sitter
Voiced by:
Grey DeLisle

Sammy Sweetsparkle is one of Poof's Classmates from Spellementary School that first appeared in the episode, Love Triangle.


He is known for his overly-happy personality and high-tuned voice. School of Crock shows that the name of his race is "Sweetsparkle."


He wears a cone hat that is two shades of blue, with a yellow star on the tip. He has large, purple eyes and large eyelashes, and his hair is blonde and low cut. As he is normally seen at school, he is mainly seen in his uniform.


Foop has a strong dislike towards him, shown when he poofed Sammy to Jupiter, where he was eaten by a Cyclops, but Poof saved him.

In his most recent episode, Foop now hangs out with him, shown when Poof told Foop that they want to be friends and Foop declined, wanting to hang out with Sammy because he was a bad boy now. As there have not been any Spellementary School episodes since, it is unknown whether this change stuck.


Sammy's power is to turn things sweet (hence his name). An example of this is when he turned a sour lemon into a sweet juicy lemon (sparkles appeared above it when he used his power).

Sammy Sweetsparkle

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