The safehouse is a safe which looks like a house. It only appeared in Balance of Flour.

World: Fairy World
Additional Information

Jorgen Von Strangle
Timmy Turner

Production Information
First Appearance:
  Balance of Flour
Last Appearance:
  Balance of Flour


Jorgen had ordered it from the back of a comic book and locked Timmy in it when he had the secret brownie recipe in his head and didn't want Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda to steal it. The house is supposedly magic-proof, but that may have not have been the case. After a second, someone was at the door and Wanda had opened it after hearing Jorgen's voice. To their surprise, it was really Anti-Cosmo in a Jorgen costume and he kidnapped Timmy. However, it turned out that Timmy and Cosmo had disguised themselves as each other in order to protect the recipe.


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