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Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 16
Hair color:       Red
Eye color:       Pink
Personal Information
  Crocker family
  Dimmsdale, CA
Love Interests:
  Vicky the Babysitter (Formerly)
Torturing children
  To marry someone rich
Dolores-Day Crocker (wife)
Vicky (ex-girlfriend)
Denzel Crocker (stepson)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Odd Couple
Latest Appearance:
  The Masked Magician (mentioned only)
Voiced by:
Jason Marsden

Ricky is a 16 year-old boy whom Timmy wished up for Vicky.


Ricky was wished for by Timmy, who thought that hooking Vicky up with a boyfriend would distract her enough to leave him alone. Unfortunately for Timmy, Ricky and Vicky found a common love together in tormenting Timmy. Ricky was even worse of a person than Vicky, and would lie, manipulate, and steal money from her. Eventually, Ricky was tricked into marrying Mr. Crocker's mother.


Ricky has short red hair, and looks very similar to another character called Vic. Although Ricky bears a common resemblance to other members of Vicky's family, they are in no way related. He wears a ragged looking shirt and jeans that are colored dark blue, and a cyan shirt beneath it. He also has a goatee, and ear piercings.


In the episode, "The Odd Couple", Timmy wished for a boyfriend for Vicky so that she would stop torturing him, believing that love would soothe her. At first, it seemed to work, as Vicky and Ricky began to pick on others. But then, his parents promised double payment for babysitting, they began torturing him more than ever.

Timmy found out that Ricky only loves Vicky because of her money. Unfortunately, he could not simply wish Ricky away, as Vicky is still in love with him; as stated in Da Rules, magic cannot undo true love, so Timmy went to a dating website to break them apart.

The website was full of very rich girls and there was one who turned out to be Dolores-Day Crocker, the mother of Denzel Crocker, using a fake picture. Timmy called Ricky and Ricky, not realizing the picture was fake, excitedly pressed enter on the keyboard, digitally marrying himself. He then discovered that Dolores was old and had donated all her money to blood transfusions and prune juice. He was last seen being driven away with Dolores and Mr. Crocker, screaming in terror. Vicky cried when he left, but then quickly directed her anger at Timmy.

Ricky has not been seen again and in all later appearances of the Crocker family, but was referenced in The Masked Magician.

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