Punchie and Munchie title card

Punchie and Munchie is an animated show The Fairly OddParents universe that features a kangaroo and an alligator doing violence. It appeared on Mice-Capades.


Punchie and Munchie is another animated TV show that Timmy sees after he was wished back to human. It features Punchie the kangaroo, and Munchie the alligator, doing violence just like how the previous show Sleazy and Cheezy did.


Punchie is a blue kangaroo with black pupils, a big nose and boxing gloves. Munchie is a green alligator with black pupils, wears a purple tie and a purple hat.


Punchie and Munchie is seen by Timmy, Poof, Cosmo and Wanda after Timmy wished for everything back to normal and deciding not to see Sleazy and Cheezy again. Punchie is seen punching Munchie in the back, while Munchie tries to munch Punchie's legs, not showing any sign of pain. After Wanda decides they're not watching the show, Poof shakes his rattle and changes Cosmo and Wanda to Punchie and Munchie. After that, Cosmo and Wanda do the same thing that Punchie and Munchie were doing on TV. Kenny G, in the SUV Cosmo poofed up passes by them, taking Cosmo's BLT, so Wanda uses Cheezy's whistle to crush the SUV with a train. Cosmo claims that this show is fun for the whole family.


  • The theme music sounds like it was themed for Sleazy and Cheezy as well. Also the same television host from Sleazy and Cheezy does the intro for Punchie and Munchie.


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