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Pull Back the Fairies is sung in the episode, "School's Out: The Musical".



With my muscles
I will tussles
With all those

Who dare discusses
A clear and
Present crisis
To my authority
with my knuckles
You will buckles
Like a chicken you will cluckles
For I so do love Da Rules
And I know Da Rules love me

You will learn to fear my mighty fist
If my song won't help you get the gist
And though you fools might disagree
But you will all answer to me

With this polka
I won't joke-a
but first this frappe mocha

I was shocked when
I awoke-a
To a world where kids all ruled
With my biceps
I must try-ceps
To see the kids are now denied-ceps
The magic we'll supply-ceps
For your jobs must be retooled

Oh, I love to get to draw the line
And you morons make me all the time
For the rules are very clear
And now the time is here

For me to
Pull back the fairies

Head Pixie & Sanderson:
Pull 'em back
Pull 'em back
Pull 'em back

Bring them all home one by one
Pull back the fairies

H.P. & Sanderson:
Pull 'em back
Pull 'em back
Pull 'em back

Now that my mocha is done
Pull back the fairies

H.P. & Sanderson:
Pull 'em back
Pull 'em back
Pull 'em back

Now that kids have the reins
Now we're pulling, pulling, pulling, back the fairies
So I can...

Jorgen, H.P. & Sanderson:
Bring them pain



  • When Cosmo and Wanda look closely at Da Rules, you can barely see Cosmo is holding opera like glasses.
  • The title card music of Food Fight is a fast version of this song.

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