Princess Mandie's Spaceship
Uses: Spaceship
Additional Information
Built by:
Owned by:
  Princess Mandie
Production Information
First Appearance:
  New Squid In Town!
Last Appearance:
  King Chang

Princess Mandie's Spaceship is an extra terrestrial spacecraft that Princess Mandie uses to travel.


Princess Mandie uses this spaceship to get from Boudacia, her home planet, to other planets such as Yugopotamia and Earth.


The spaceship has a diamond shape and light blue color, and is equipped with powerful weapons that, when used in significant number with other Boudacian/Yugopotamian spacecraft, can destroy a planet such as Earth in seconds.


This vehicle was first featured in "New Squid In Town!", which Princess Mandie used to follow her wedding groom, Prince Mark Chang of Yugopotamia, whom had gotten cold feet on their wedding day and decided to flee to Earth. Mandie first landed the spacecraft right in the middle of Dimmsdale Elementary School's cafeteria, forcing Timmy Turner to freeze everyone (including Mandie) in his school. Mandie later used the spaceship to get to the Dimmsdale Junkyard after Mark Chang's fake-i-fiermalfunctioned, revealing his location yet again.


Dozens of ships like Mandie's fire at Earth alongside Yugopotamian spaceships.

When Mark Chang was explaining the reasoning for his forced marriage to Mandie, a visual sequence showed several ships exactly like Mandie and Mark's spaceships forming an alliance and firing their weapons on Earth, destroying it. Luckily for Earth, the wedding was foiled.

The spaceship usually appears whenever Mandie appears due to Mandie constantly trying to find and get Mark to marry her or kill him when he is too opposed at marrying her.

The spaceship's last appearance was in "King Chang". When trying to go after Mark who had escaped in order to cancel him being married to her, Mandie followed Timmy and Mark all the way back to Earth. She soon ran into Vicky and despite Mandie claiming she is stronger, Vicky defeated Mandie with relative ease. Mandie was then arrested shortly after for her crimes against Mark and his father.



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