• This episode was ranked #47 in the 100 Greatest Nicktoon Episodes countdown.
  • This is the second episode in which Timmy swaps bodies with someone, the previous being Dog's Day Afternoon, he would later do so again in Manic Mom-Day and Which is Wish.
  • This episode is Doidle's last appearance on the show to date.
  • Timmy's dad mentions events from the episode "Cosmo Con" when he says "You! Back to try and steal my wife again?" to Mr. Crocker.
  • At the end of the episode, some characters end up in wrong bodies:
  • The title was taken from a Chuck Jones short Prest-O Change-O, a Merrie Melodies released on March 25, 1939, and reissued as a Blue Ribbon in 1947 by Warner Bros. It stars Happy Rabbit, in his 2nd appearance, and that character appeared in 4 cartoons from 1938-40. The character has now evolved into Bugs Bunny, who has his own walk of fame, appeared in more films than other classic cartoon character, and is now the Warner Bros mascot. It also stars the Two Curious Puppies, who only made six appearances before being retired. This short is now in the public domain, thus freely distributed through unofficial releases and of course YouTube. The video has been restored for Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume 2, Disc 2. However, despite the name, the 2 cartoons however are not similar in plot and storylines.

Running Gags

  • Timmy switching bodies.
  • Mr. Turner in Mr. Crocker's body saying that he is gorgeous.


  • When Vicky and Mrs. Turner (Timmy) switch bodies, Timmy's mom is in a red dress. However, when Timmy's Mom (Vicky) says, "Ah! I feel old!" she is in her everyday attire. When the scene changes to Vicky (Timmy) taking the Body-swapping Joy Buzzer, Timmy's mom (Vicky) is in the red dress again.
  • When Crocker says "Vicky? Who's Vicky?" the captions misspell Vicky's name into "Vicki".
  • When the veterinarian captured Crocker (in Doidle's body), he said "to the neuter scooter," which would indicate that he intended to neuter Crocker/Doidle. But in "Dog's Day Afternoon", Doidle had already been neutered.

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