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"'Timmy"': (in Crocker's body) I have to get home before exactly 4:00 or Cosmo and Wanda will poof in and reveal themselves to Crocker thinking he's me!

Mr. Crocker: Doidle? What's a doidle?

Mr. Turner: Good heavens, son! Doesn't that hunchback ream of a teacher teach you anything?

Mama Cosma: ... Oh, Wanda, you're the greatest... disappointment of my life!

Cosmo: Hooray!

Mama Cosma: How my darling boy could marry a complete letdown like yourself is beyond me!

Mr. Turner: (to Timmy in Crocker's body) "Hey I thought I told you to... (switches body with Timmy inside Crocker's body)

Mr. Turner: Hmm, narrow hips, hunch on back, ear on neck, peculiar tattoo, single kidney? I'm gorgeous!

Mrs. Turner: (in Mr. Turner's body) Whoa! That's weird! I feel as though I've given up on my dreams!

Timmy: (in Vicky's body) I'm gonna need a bath after this one.

Vicky: (in Mrs. Turner's body) Ah! I feel old!

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