Power Pals
Species: Superhero
Homeworld: Earth
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Power Pals!
Last Appearance:
  Power Pals!
Voiced by:
Jim Ward (Super Sam, Dark Mark, Wet Willie)
Tara Strong (Joan Jet)

The Power Pals are a group of superheroes that Timmy Turner wished for in "episode of the same name". They are a parody of the Super Friends and other superhero groups. Timmy wished for them after he had been abandoned by Chester, A.J., and his other normal friends. Eventually, they were tricked into leaving Earth for thousands of years.


The Power Pals are a group of heroes, each with their own unique powers and abilities.


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|Super Sam |Super Sam is the leader of the Power Pals. He is super nice, has super strength, can fly, and sweet vision. He throws crystals to create things, like the home base he created for the Power Pals behind Dimmsdale Elementary School. Whenever there's a cry for help, he and the other Power Pals spring into action.
He is a parody of Superman and his sweet vision is a parody of Superman's heat vision. He is voiced by Jim Ward. |-


|Joan Jet |Joan Jet is the fastest and friendliest woman in the universe and the only female member of the Power Pals. At first, she was the one who though that the "planet under attack" was a trap to make them forget all about the Anti-Timmy Force Four.
She is a parody of Wonder Woman and The Flash. Her name is a pun to Joan Jett. She is voiced by Tara Strong. |-


|Dark Mark |Dark Mark is a mysterious booter of friendship. Whenever there's a cry for help he and the other Power Pals spring into action. He likes the dark and the Big Bats magazines, and he has a Mark Phone and a Mark Car. He was the one who thought the Anti-Timmy Force Four was planning to rule the galaxy.
He is a parody of Batman and is voiced by Jim Ward. |-


|Wet Willie |Wet Willie is a superhero with water based powers. Wet Willie's powers consisted of calling sea creatures from the deep, usually resulting in a giant whale falling and landing on Timmy.
He is a parody of Aquaman. Unlike the others, he makes a small appearance outside this episode on a box of snorkeling equipment. His name is a reference to the Wet Willie, where someone can put saliva in someone's finger and put it on someone's ear. He is voiced by Jim Ward. |}


In the episode, "Power Pals!", after Timmy Turner was abandoned by his friends for mistreating them, he wished up the Power Pals to serve as even better, super-powered friends. After being mistreated by his new super friends much like how had he mistreated his own,

Timmy realized the error of his ways and teamed up with his friends after apologizing to them, who in turn helped Timmy get rid of the superhero friends by faking a distress signal from a planet millions of light years away.

The heroes flew to answer the call, but because of the extreme distance they had to travel, they would be gone for thousands of years. They were last seen as a thin and elderly, thousands of years in the future, still trying to reach the non-existent planet.


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