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  • Vicky: (as she plugs the plugs into the outlet) This is for the TV, the VCR, the DVD, the surround sound, the combination microwave popcorn maker/neck massager, and I don't know what this plug does, but I ain't payin' for the electricity!
  • Wanda: We can't let plug all those things in! She'll BLOW THE POWER!

  • Timmy: I lost a life...on level 1! What am I, 4?!

  • Cosmo: (as Ricky Ricardo) Wanda! You've got some 'splainin' to do!
  • Wanda: (as Lucy Ricardo) Even though that's not the way everybody says "explaining", I respect our differences and your right to say it in the way you want.
  • Cosmo: Eh, babaloo?
  • Wanda: That, too.
  • Cosmo & baby: Waaaahhhhhh!
  • Vicky: Boring. (changes channel)

  • Wanda: (as news reporter) And now, here's Cosmo with the weather.
  • Cosmo: (holding a feather) I thought you said feather. (a pause, then smiles)

  • Wanda: Just let me clarify this, you married your car?
  • Cosmo: (in southern accent) Yep, now my kids get seventeen miles to the gallon! (has chair thrown at him)
  • Wanda: And we'll be right back.
  • Vicky: Yawn! (changes channel)

  • (Timmy enters level 8 of the video game, which looks like an underwater version of his Aunt Gertrude's house)
  • Timmy: Wow. This looks like an underwater version of my Aunt Gertrude's house.
  • Aunt Gertrude: (as a giant lobster with large claws) Hello, Timmy! Let Aunt Gertrude pinch those chubby cheeks of yours!
  • Timmy: I hope she means my face!

  • (Timmy sees a Wanda coin and swims up to it)
  • Wanda: (from Wanda coin) I'm a Wanda coin! You may have one wish.
  • Timmy: I wish I had cheeks of steel!
  • Wanda: I hope you mean your face!
  • Timmy: I do!

  • Cosmo: Follow me to the TV! I've got an idea!
  • Wanda: (writing in a book) Wednesday, March 22: Cosmo had an idea!
  • Cosmo: I'm all out of ideas!
  • Wanda: (writing in book) Well, easy come, easy go...
  • Cosmo: I had another idea!
  • Wanda: (writing in book) This was a magnificent day for Cosmo!

  • Vicky: Well, keep it down! You know when I'm watching you, I'm watching something on TV!!

  • A.J.: (checks his watch) It's 6:13, Timmy always goes to the bathroom at 6:13.
  • Chester: That's weird! He always struck as a 7:43 whizzinator.

  • Timmy: Those creeps! Wait 'til I reset them. (Timmy is about to hit the reset button)
  • Wanda: No! If you turn off the game while they're in there, or if they lose their 3 lives, they'll disappear forever!
  • Timmy: Then I wish they're out of the game!
  • Cosmo: You can't! (turns his head into Timmy's) Quote: "I wish for a video game that's challenging - a game that you can't wish yourself out of." Unquote. (reverts his head to normal)
  • Wanda: You either win the game, or take off the helmet.
  • Timmy: You guys don't do anything halfway, do you?
  • Cosmo: Nope! We're two halves of a whole idiot.

  • Cosmo: I'm a Cosmo coin, and boy am I glad to see you!
  • Timmy: Ditto!
  • Wanda: (running on the treadmill that keeps the power going) This'll be great for my glutes!

  • Robot Vicky: Looks like I'm having three helpings of twerp for dinner!

  • Timmy: I wish I had something to stop Vicky!
  • Cosmo: That's just vague enough to work!
  • (Cosmo creates a door, and Timmy's parents come in)
  • Mom: Vicky! It's us.
  • Dad: Timmy's Mom and Dad.
  • Mom: We're back!
  • Dad: You can go home now.
  • Robot Vicky: (screaming and melting) Nooooo!

  • Cosmo: Shh... Chester and AJ are on TV!
  • Timmy: WHAT!?
  • Chester: (in the game) Weird. Usually Timmy's games are filled with fuzzy bunnies.
  • AJ: (in the game) I know! What is he, four?! (both laugh)
  • Timmy: Those creeps! Wait till I reset them! (goes to hit the reset button)

  • Television host '''(voice only): His county voice and beautiful lyrics had moved many generations
  • Cosmo:(singing) The wheels on the bus go round and round.
  • Television host: He is the talent that will fill your hearts with joy.
  • Cosmo:(singing) There was a farmer who had a dog and BINGO was his name ohh.
  • Vicky: Man, there is nothing on today.

  • (Chester and A.J. have just arrived in the Classroom of Doom Level)
  • Chester: Hey! Look! (Chester and AJ look at the janitors below them) Apparently if you don't get through this class, you spend the rest of your life as a janitor!
  • AJ: There's a lesson in that!

  • Chester: Besides, I have three lives!(AJ pushes Chester off platform) AAHHHH!!!!! (Chester comes back and is angry that A.J. shoved him.)
  • Timmy: Stop it! Guys, WE have to stick together.(Chester grabs AJ and tries to throw him into the pit but Timmy grabs AJ away, so Chester throws nothing into the pit)

  • Cosmo: (in fishbowl but not disguised as goldfish) That was close.
  • Wanda: No, this is close.
  • Cosmo: I'm shafting.

  • Timmy: Ninja bunnies? Ugh, that's it, helmets off. (Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda take their helmets off)
  • Cosmo: Look at me! I'm cheese!
  • Wanda: Something wrong, Timmy?
  • Timmy: Fuzzy bunnies? What am I, four?

  • Cosmo: He's being vague again.

  • (Cosmo and Wanda are in the fish bowl as goldfish)
  • Cosmo: High Fin! (Cosmo and Wanda struggle to give each other a high five)
  • Wanda: How about a kiss?
  • Cosmo: I'm game. (they kiss)

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