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Poof has appeared in almost every episode since "Fairly OddBaby" in 2008 (his debut) which was shown at the start of the series' sixth season. This makes him one of the few characters to appear in nearly every episode since he was introduced. He appears in the Fairly Odd movies as well.


Titlecard-Fairly Odd Baby Fairly Odd Baby
This episode marks the birth and debut of Poof though his gender and name were not official until the end of the movie. As such, there is a running gag with characters calling Poof a different name or people trying to find out what gender he was.
Titlecard-Mission Responsible Mission Responsible
Titlecard-Hairicane Hairicane
Titlecard-Odd Pirates Odd Pirates
Titlecard-The Fairly Oddlympics The Fairly Oddlympics
Titlecard-Odd Squad The Odd Squad
Titlecard-For Emergencies Only For Emergencies Only!
Titlecard-Cheese and Crockers Cheese & Crockers
Titlecard-Land Before Timmy Land Before Timmy
Titlecard-King Chang King Chang
Titlecard-The End of the Universeity The End of the Universe-ity
Titlecard-Sooper Poof Sooper Poof
Titlecard-Wishy Washy Wishy Washy
Titlecard-Poofs Playdate Poof's Playdate
Titlecard-Chindred Spirits Chindred Spirits
Titlecard-Vicky Gets Fired Vicky Gets Fired
Titlecard-Birthday Bashed Birthday Bashed
Titlecard-Momnipresent Momnipresent
Titlecard-Wishology Wishology!
Titlecard-Anti-Poof Anti-Poof
Titlecard-Squirrely Puffs Squirrely Puffs
Titlecard-Add-a-Dad Add-a-Dad
Titlecard-Micecapades Micecapades
Titlecard-Formula For Disaster Formula For Disaster
Titlecard-Bad Heir Day Bad Heir Day
Titlecard-Freaks and Greeks Freaks & Greeks
Titlecard-Fly Boy Fly Boy
Titlecard-Temporary Fairy Temporary Fairy
Titlecard-Crocker Shocker Crocker Shocker
Titlecard-Super Zero Super Zero
Titlecard-Dadbra-Cadabra Dadbra-Cadabra
Titlecard-Timmy Turnip Timmy Turnip
Titlecard-One Man Banned One Man Banned
Titlecard-Frenemy Mine Frenemy Mine
Titlecard-Chicken Poofs Chicken Poofs
Titlecard-Stupid Cupid Stupid Cupid
Titlecard-Double Oh Schnozmo Double-Oh Schnozmo!
Titlecard-Planet Poof Planet Poof
Titlecard-The Boss of Me The Boss Of Me
Titlecard-He Poofs He Scores He Poofs He Scores
Titlecard-Playdate of Doom Playdate of Doom
Titlecard-Teachers Pet Teacher's Pet
Titlecard-Crocker of Gold Crocker of Gold
Titlecard-Beach Blanket Bozos Beach Blanket Bozos
Titlecard-Poltergeeks Poltergeeks
Titlecard-Old Man and the C Old Man And The C-
Titlecard-Balance of Flour Balance of Flour
Titlecard-Food Fight Food Fight
Titlecard-Please Dont Feed The Turners Please Don't Feed The Turners
Titlecard-Take and Fake Take and Fake
Titlecard-Cosmo Rules Cosmo Rules
Titlecard-Lights Out Lights Out
Titlecard-Dad Overboard Dad Overboard
Titlecard-Farm Pit Farm Pit
Titlecard-Crock Talk Crock Talk
Titlecard-Spellementary School Spellementary School
Titlecard-Operation Dinkleberg Operation Dinkleberg
Titlecard-Love Triangle Love Triangle
Titlecard-Timmys Secret Wish Timmy's Secret Wish!
Titlecard-Invasion of the Dads Invasion of the Dads
Titlecard-Meet the OddParents Meet the OddParents
Titlecard-GrowUpTimmyTurner A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!
Fop-christmas-nick A Fairly Odd Christmas
Placeholder Fairly OddPet
Placeholder Dinklescouts
Placeholder I Dream of Cosmo
Titlecard-Turner &amp; Pooch Turner & Pooch
Titlecard-Dumbbell Curve Dumbbell Curve
The Terrible TwosomeTitleCard The Terrible Twosome
School Of Crock School of Crock
Main Role - First Words, "I…want…my…rattle!"
Placeholder App Trap
Placeholder Force of Nature
Placeholder Viral Vidiots
Placeholder Scary GodCouple
Titlecard-AnchorsAway Anchor's Away
Placeholder Two and a Half Babies
Placeholder Finding Emo
Placeholder Dust Busters
Placeholder The Bored Identity
Titlecard-CountryClubbed Country Clubbed
Placeholder Dog Gone
3170300 orig Turner Back Time
Placeholder Cosmonopoly
Titlecard-HeroHound Hero Hound
Titlecard-ABoyAndHisDog-Boy A Boy and His Dog-Boy
Titlecard-CrockBlocked Crock Blocked
Titlecard-WeirdosOnATrain Weirdos on a Train
Titlecard-TonsOfTimmys Tons of Timmys
Titlecard-APerfectNightmare A Perfect Nightmare
Placeholder Love at First Bark
Placeholder Desperate Without Housewives
Placeholder The Wand That Got Away
Placeholder Gone Flushin'
Placeholder Lame Ducks


Titlecard-Open Wide and Say Aaagh Open Wide and Say Aaagh!
Titlecard-Merry Wishmas Merry Wishmas
Titlecard-Wishing Well Wishing Well
Titlecard-9 Lives 9 Lives!
Titlecard-Dread N Breakfast Dread 'N' Breakfast
Titlecard-Manic Mom Day Manic Mom-Day
Titlecard-When Losers Attack When Losers Attack


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