Polar Bear Guardian
Gender: Male
Species: Polar Bear
Hair color:       White
Eye color:       Blue
Personal Information
  Fairy Council
  Guardian of the Ice Wand
  Earth's Ice
  To protect the Ice Wand
Production Information
First Appearance:
Latest Appearance:
Voiced by:
Dee Bradley Baker

The Polar Bear Guardian is a giant, talking polar bear residing in the North Pole.


The Polar Bear Guardian is the guardian of the Ice Wand. He resides on Earth in the North Pole.


He has white fur and dwells in the arctic, much like real members of his species.


The polar bear guardian played a somewhat major role in the last part of "Wishology!". The Fairy Council had entrusted him with the protection of the Ice Wand, one of the three wands that would defeat the Darkness once and for all. Timmy found him after defeating The Destructinator, and he gave Timmy the wand. He was among the fairies to witness Timmy changing the Darkness to the Kindness. He later joined the celebration of Timmy's triumph.

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