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  • This episode was going to air with He Poofs He Scores, but it aired with Teacher's Pet instead.
  • Foop has apparently developed another personality due to being alone so much, and has short periods where he argues with himself.
  • Cosmo hates beets... and other vegetables.
  • Poof earns a Good Baby Star for every good deed he makes.
  • Timmy wore a maid outfit for the third time. The first one is in "Power Pals" and the second one was "Homewrecker".
  • This is the second appearance of Foop.
  • Poof mentioned this episode in a Season 9 episode, School of Crock, when he said to Wanda "Mom, no more string beets."
  • Foop said the name of this episode in Anti-Poof.


  • Superman II - After bring sucked into the crib vortex, Foop is seen flying in a flat glass-like plate. This is a reference to the Phantom Zone where General Zod was banished into space by Superman.

Running Gags

  • Foop does something bad, but when Wanda comes he makes it look like Poof and then cries. Wanda will get angry at Poof and take away a good star on Poof's good star chart.
  • Cosmo complaining about beets, and saying "Why does everyone hate me!?"
  • Wanda making Cosmo eat beets.


  • Many find it out of character for Wanda to take the word of Foop over the word of her own son when Poof said that Foop was trying to send him to a parallel dimension; especially as pointed out by Timmy, Foop tried to destroy two magical realms and a fast food chain.
  • After Cosmo wishes away the second vase on the welcome banner, it does not change movement. Later, the first vase disappears and the banner does not change movement still. Then, the banner is gone.
  • When Wanda says "The playpen is not an interdimensional vortex of doom.", the captions display AN with a D, as in AND. That would make Wanda's quote nonsense. Coincidentally, just before she said that quote, she added "Nonsense, Poof."

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