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The Head Pixie (right) and Sanderson, the leaders of the Pixie race

Pixies are a magical race who are known to wield as much power as Fairies. In earlier seasons, they appeared as secondary or tertiary antagonists, much like the Anti-Fairies.


Unlike the Fairies, Pixies treat their magical powers as a business. Their known primary goal is to control Fairy World and Earth, and possibly the rest of the universe. All of their evil schemes are thwarted by Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda (and later their son, Poof).

All of the Pixies reside in Pixie World, and they are are all lead by their leader, the Head Pixie, also known as H.P. Sanderson seems to be second in command, and almost always appears by H.P.'s side.


Pixies have magical cellphones in place of wands. They all speak in a gloomy, monotonous tone of voice, which usually lacks most (if not all) emotion.

They wear grey business suits with white undershirts and black ties, and have pointy grey hats. Their shoes are also black. All pixies aside from H.P. have square heads and wear black glasses.



  • Cosmo was formerly an employee of Pixies, Inc., and was ranked 'Rice President'.
  • No female Pixies have appeared in the show, which could mean that all Pixies are male.
  • Jorgen Von Strangle has been shown to abuse the Pixies frequently, and uses them as darts in Pixies Inc. (Dubbing them "Pointy-Headed Freaks".)
  • In School's Out!: The Musical, it is revealed that the Pixies are next in line in the wish granting business, and will take over if the children become the dominant species of Earth.
  • Each episode in which they appear, Jorgen finds a different use for them as punishment for their corporate abuse.
  • All Pixies are voiced by Ben Stein.
  • Despite their boring demeanor and monotone voice, both H.P. and Sanderson have been shown to be excellent rappers.
  • In the video game The Fairly OddParents: Clash with the Anti-World, Anti-Pixies appear. Anti-Pixies are the good guys of Anti-Earth, led by the Anti-Head Pixie.
  • All Pixies look alike, except for H.P. and Sanderson in some instances.
  • The Pixies resemble the Cogs from the online game Disney's Toontown Online, except for the fact of Cogs being robots, there are many, many facts the prove the resemblance like:
    • Both Pixies and Cogs want to turn Earth/Toontown into a dull, grey, corporate wasteland.
    • The Pixie title Rice President is similar to the title of the Sellbot boss the Vice President.
    • The Pixies home, Pixies Inc., is similar to the title given to a Cog Building if it was originally a Building with no name, COGS Inc.

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