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This article is about the location. For the episode, see Pixies, Inc..

Pixies Inc.
World: Near Earth and Fairy World
Additional Information
Owned By:
  Head Pixie
  Head Pixie
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Pixies, Inc.
Last Appearance:
  Fairly Odd Baby

Pixies, Inc., also sometimes called Pixie World, is the land that the Pixies reside in, and plot their plans to make Earth gloomy.


Filled with gray skyscrapers, corporations, cell phone wielding Sanderson Pixies, and absolutely nothing at all that is fun, the world of the Pixies is exactly how they want it to be, and also a look at how they want Earth to be should they succeed in taking over. This land is ruled by the Head Pixie, who is treated more like a company boss than a ruler. In most of its appearances, Pixie World was actually a transformed version of Fairy World, but eventually became its own separate realm in Season 6.


Pixies Inc, like Fairy World, resides above the clouds (or possibly on a separate planet/plane of existence all together). The clouds, buildings, and even the rainbow bridge that connects Pixies Inc to Earth is "pixelated", that is, the scenery looks like clusters of blocks rather than smooth artwork.


When Pixies World. first appeared in "Pixies, Inc.", it was actually Fairy World after it had been taken over and transformed by the Pixies (as they bought out the fairies). The Fairies themselves are forced to work as office cubicle dwelling flunkies for the Pixies, with Cosmo being put in charge of them as rice president, as the Pixies thought his stupidity would make him easier to control. Eventually Timmy had enough of this and challenged the Head Pixie to a game of miniature golf. Timmy stated if he wins he gets one rule free wish, but if he loses he will give up his Fairies. After Timmy manages to win the miniature golf contest(which was thanks to Cosmo and some unintentional help from Jorgen), he reminds H.P. on their deal and what wish he is going to make. Timmy then wishes that the Fairies owned Fairy World again and because of that Fairy World is returned to normal.

In the episode "Wish Fixers", the Pixies work for a company of the same name, in a square shaped building located in Fairy World. It is also shown briefly when H.P. shows off a model of Fairy World changing into Pixie World. It was a plan involving the contract Timmy signed involving fixing his bad wish streak. Thanks to Jorgen, Timmy was able to void the contract and avoid having to get his godparents electrocuted every time he makes a bad wish.

Fairy World was turned into Pixie World yet again in "School's Out!: The Musical", after Head Pixie and Sanderson's "37 year plan" to take over the world using Flappy Bob. Timmy Turner manages to convince Flappy Bob that he was being used by the Pixies and the two of them both work in trying to get the Earth back to normal. Sanderson then claims that the contract Flappy signed insures that everything is how it is currently, but Flappy reveals a loophole the Pixies overlooked which was that the Earth will be safe and fun as 'defined by Flappy Bob'. Since Flappy defines fun as everything as it's supposed be, the Pixies' plan is foiled and they are forced to return the Earth and Fairy World back to normal.

Pixie World itself first appeared as its own realm in "Fairly Odd Baby". Here it resembles a "pixelated" (blocky) Fairy World, and the headquarters is a company board meeting room headed Head Pixie and several Sanderson copies. They are confronted by Jorgen Von Strangle, Timmy Turner, and Wanda about Cosmo's absence, thinking they may have had something to do with his disappearance due to his fairy pregnancy. The Pixies were innocent, although after learning about the uncontrolled and untapped magic a fairy baby could unleash, the Pixies set out to get to Cosmo before the others could. This was Pixie World's final appearance in the series, as the Pixies themselves only appear in one other episode after this (Fairly Oddlympics) which does not feature Pixie World.



  • Almost everything in this world is in the shape of a square. The overall place is very gray and drab.
  • The Pixies living there don't express much emotion or personal thoughts.
  • The Pixie Inc. only has males.


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