Pixie Magic is the ability of pixies to do things that humans cannot do. Pixie magic is almost like fairy magic only they treat magic like business and they only do magical things which are dull and boring. They can also fly and poof like other fairies do. But it is not certain whether they can shapeshift because pixies don't have any appearances in any episodes that they shapeshift.


They use and treat their magic like business and have cellphones instead of wands in controlling magic. They use magic in a form of a text message. They don't actually grant any wishes that is fun and enjoyable. Sometimes they even use their magic to cheat. If they will use their magic, you will hear a sound which cellphones or telephones make whenever they are clicked. And when they are poofing, the words in the dust that they leave is "Ping". In shapeshifting, no one is sure when pixies can shapeshift because they never had a role in any episodes that they shapeshift. It's possible that pixies can have godchildren because in one episode they had a god child named "Flappy Bob " and teaches him nothing but boring things about buisninesses. They don't also accept wishes that are fun because they are boring. Just like fairies, pixies can also fly with their square-shaped wings. Since pixies are boring, their weakness is fun.


The Pixie equivalent to The Big Wand is unknown. The Pixies themselves seem to draw power from their cell phones and do not have a centralized source of power like the Fairies and Anti-Fairies.

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