Piñata Bomb
Uses: Explodes and rains candy
Additional Information
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Production Information
First Appearance:
  Scary Godparents
Destroyed In:
Scary Godparents

The Piñata Bomb or P-Bomb is a "weapon" used by Yugopotamians against their enemies.


This bomb does nothing except rain candy down on the enemy. Candy is an extremely harmful substance which burns right through Yugoptamians, but to Earthlings it has no effect other than causing cavities.


The bomb is shaped like a donkey piñata.


In the episode "Scary Godparents", due to the rich kids' costumes getting them all the good candy, and Vicky stealing whatever candy Timmy Turner and his friends did manage to get, Timmy devised a way at the end of the episode to get him and his friends easy candy by exploiting Mark Chang and his father's paranoia about Earth "arming themselves with candy" on Halloween. After Timmy declared war on Yugopotamia on behalf of Earth, Mark fled with Jeff and Erik, his two pals, and was teleported back onto his father's spaceship which fired a bomb toward Dimmsdale and then fled into space. The bomb turned out to be a piñata which exploded and rained mountains of candy on the kids in Dimmsdale, giving Timmy and his friends bags full of candy, and only harming Vicky who was sick from all the candy she had stolen and eaten earlier.

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