Paula Poundcake
Genre: Children's/Fantasy
Channel: 50
Visitors: Future Timmy
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Paula Poundcake is a television program that appeared in The Fairly OddParents television special, "Channel Chasers".


The show itself is a parody of Strawberry Shortcake while the name of it is a parody of comedian Paula Poundstone, a character used in cards that also spun-off into several cartoon series. The show is a colorful cartoon about people wearing food and pastry costumes, starring the titular character Paula Poundcake. She's a parody of Strawberry Shortcake (character) and her companions included Donny Donut, a parody of Huckleberry Pie, and her dog Pup Tart, a parody of Pupcake, and the dog is only a dog head with a strawberry nose who apparently lives in a toaster. When he "popped" out of the toaster, Paula bit his nose off.


This show is the fifth of many that are visited in "Channel Chasers" after Timmy Turner wished for a Magic TV Remote that allowed him to travel through television as if the programs were real worlds. Timmy Turner did not actually step foot in this program, but a masked man who was following him did. The masked man was attempting to stop Timmy from entering television and failed to do so, but was able to jump into the television after Timmy used the remote to enter it. The masked man collided with one of the program entry points (represented by television shaped cubes) and fell into the entry point for Paula Poundcake.

The masked man fell from the sky and landed in the Paula Poundcake world, finding himself surrounded by several of the characters. Paula Poundcake asked the masked man if he was made of licorice before attempting to bite him, upon which the man pulled away and threatened the characters with a giant candy cane while saying "Get back, you frosted freaks, back!".


  • This is the first program where Timmy does not enter.

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