Wanda: What's the matter, slugger?
Cosmo: Is your dad putting that stuff in his hair again? (poofs up a volleyball net, Wanda hits Timmy)
Timmy: (flying over the net) No, Vicky's coming over

Timmy: Do you guys have to do that EVERYTIME you APPEAR?
Wanda: Let's see what Da Rule book says (poof up Da Rules), hmm, it says it's optional.
Cosmo and Wanda: So yes, as a matter of fact, we do! (laughs)

Timmy: First, we'll need some candy (Cosmo and Wanda poofs up some candy)!
Wanda: And some soda (poofs up the soda fountain)!
Cosmo: Don't forget the pizza (poofs up a large pizza that falls on them)!

Mr. Turner: I was voted "Shiniest Hair in the Office"

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