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Parent Hoods
Season 4, Episode 5
Titlecard-Parent Hoods
Prod. Code: 42B
Premiered: (Australia)
February 21, 2003
November 14, 2003
Headgag: Pencil
Written by:
  Butch Hartman
Steve Marmel
Jack Thomas
Storyboard by:
  Maureen Mascarina
Dave Thomas
Directed by:
  Gary Conrad
Ken Bruce
Art Direction:
  George Goodchild
Music Direction:
  Guy Moon
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Parent Hoods is the fifth episode of Season 4.


While the Turners are on their way to Canada, a look-alike duo of bandits called the Turnbaums switch places with Timmy's parents in order to avoid getting punished. Timmy just can't wish his parents free because even with magic, it could take years to get them out of jail under the United States Justice System. It's up to Timmy to get the bandits captured and his parents freed. Timmy decides to get the Turnbaums to steal the Sacred Silver Sharpener by claiming that it has bad security and getting the trailer to Canada quickly with magic.


Timmy is watching a show called "Dimmsdale's Most Wanted" which is hosted by Chet Ubetcha. The Turnbaums appear on the show. He explains that they are a man and a woman, seem to be married, love pencils, and are traveling the countryside in a beat up RV. Wanda is suspicios because Timmy's parents are all those facts. Timmy says that his parents are not criminals, and that their not on a cross country crime spree. Cosmo says that if they are not on a cross country crime spree, he won't need a mustache he was wearing and a book about hiding as a criminal in Mexico. Timmy hopes it won't interfere with his his trip to Niagra Falls.

Cosmo told Wanda that she could take off her fake mustache, but she wasn't wearing one. Mrs. Turner told her husband that Niagra Falls is one of the 7 wonders of the world, but he doesn't exactly care. Then he said Niagra Falls is close to the North American Museum of Pencil Pushing and it was his job to sharpen his pencil in the Sacred Silver Pencil Sharpener. Wanda is happy that they are going to Niagra Falls since it was beautiful to her and shev thinks it is the perfect place for Cosmo and her to kiss. Cosmo likes Niagra Falls because it is partially in Canada. Then he dresses up like a Canadian and explains interesting things about the country, including the leaf on the flag.

Timmy thinks that a leaf on a flag is not very surprising and that he "can't wait" to go to Canada. Mr. Turner said that he was looking forward to going to Canada and that they will not stop along the way. However, they do when they have to use the restrooms, but Mrs. Turner doesn't have to go. He drag her into the men's room and everyone in there screams and run out. Timmy can't believe that they have only traveled 200 miles. Cosmo says that in Canada, 200 miles is 320 kilometers. Timmy want's to know if the trip can get any worse. The Turnbaums park their RV close to the Turner one. They say that they got away from the cops and Pa said they will never catch the souvenir bandits out loud for the world to hear.

The cops heard Pa and then the Turnbaums ran into the Turner RV. Timmy saw them and hid in the bathroom in the RV which his dad was too stupid to use.He thinks everything will be just fine if his parents came outside in time. Then the cops thought that they were the Turnbaums when his parents came out. Mr. Turner said their last name was Turner, not Turnbaum. They got cuffed and were sent inside the police car. It turned toward Dimmsdale and the Turnbaums headed for Canada. Timmy's parents worry about Timmy and if he is safe.

When they reach prison, they are hung upside down and have pain. Back in the RV, Timmy sees that his parents have been arrested. Pa is happy that the cops fell for the trick and says their last name out loud again. Timmy asks Wanda if she can poof his parents out of prison. She says it would take years to get them out, even with magic. Timmy then has another plan. He wishes for a billboard that says to see the North American Museum of Pencil Pushing. The Turnbaums read it and then saw another billboard that says to see the Sarcred Silver Pencil Sharpener. It also has the world's worst security system, making it easier for them to steal the sharpener.

The Sacred Silver Pencil Sharpener
Lord BeckettAdded by Lord Beckett

They then agree to take the sharpener and Timmy wants to be there before his parents are convicted. Cosmo poofs a map of North America and explains to Timmy that they won't make it in time. He has another idea, to wish for a faster way to get to Niagra falls. The middle of North America is crinkled up all together, making the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean closer to each other. They finally reach Niagra Falls and head for the North America Museum of Pencil Pushing.

However, the front entrance is guarded, making it almost impossible for them to get inside. Timmy wishes for a pretty lady to distract them. The Turnbaums go inside and Timmy follows them. While inside, pencils fly through the air, aiming at the Turnbaums. Timmy then wishes for another hallway to get to the Sacred Silver Pencil Sharapener. They go inside but there is a door to the room. The only way to open the door is too solve a riddle. The Turnbaums read it and they don't know the answer. Timmy thinks it is obvious and he yells eraser. The door opens and Pa grabs the sharpener. An alarm sounds and a giant pencil almost smashes him. It comes down the stairs, a lot like the ball from Indiana Jones. Timmy wishes they were out of the room.

Timmy says that now they only have to wait for the Canadian Cops. The Turnbaums were outside as well and they were going inside a pencil-shaped rubber raft. The Canadian cops were distracted by the pretty lady still. Timmy wished for a super fast speedboat. Cosmo was the motor, but he couldn't go fast because of the Canadian water speed limit. The Turnbaums were getting away. Timmy grabbed a pencil and threw it at the Turnbaum's rubber raft. It deflated and they were arrested by cops. Timmy, Wanda, and Cosmo are happy but they approach the Niagra Falls on water and they fall. Timmy wishes he could fly and he turns into a bird. Cosmo turns Wanda and him into Do Dos which can't fly. They land in the water. Timmy is awarded and Mr. Turner gets to sharpen his pencil using the Sacred Silver Pencil Sharpener, but when he does, he destroys it. The Canadians are mad and the Turners go to prison.

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