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Overlord Glee
So totally spaced out2 215
Gender: Male
Species: Gigglepie
Hair color:       white
Eye color:       Purple
Personal Information
  Leader of the Gigglepies
  Yugopotamia (invaded)
  Happy Peppy Gary and Betty
  Every gigglepie except Trilly
Timmy Turner

(Probably Trilly)

  Draining planets dry to produce Gigglepie merchandise
Production Information
First Appearance:
  So Totally Spaced Out
Last Appearance:
  So Totally Spaced Out
Voiced by:
Tara Strong

Overlord Glee is the main antagonist in the episode So Totally Spaced Out. He wanted to sell his merchandise by getting rid of the Yugopotamians. He wanted to take over the throne. His plan worked until he was eaten by the Yugopotamians, unless he got free!


Overlord Glee is the Gigglepie who Timmy and his fairies were brought to when they attempted to rescue the Yugopotamians. Like all Gigglepies, he is a small, cuddly looking creature with a happy sounding name, but his true nature is that of an evil vicious looking creature which he turns into when angered.


Overlord Glee is a white Gigglepie unlike all the other Gigglepies. He had a crown antenna on his head and a crown necklace, indicating he was the leader. He was the main antagonist in the episode So Totally Spaced Out. Overlord Glee looked a lot like the purple Gigglepie who was the leader of the Gigglepie marching band, except Glee is white and he is purple. When Timmy, Wanda, and Cosmo were taken to Overlord Glee by the other Gigglepies, he expected Timmy to bow down to him, but instead, Timmy tried to let Cosmo and Wanda know that he was evil. Cosmo and Wanda bowed down to Overlord Glee. Then, Overlord Glee put all the Yogopotamians in the cages, with the other Gigglepies watching them. Then, Overlord Glee explained about his plan and told Timmy that the Gigglepies wanted to sell their merchandise by getting rid of the Yugopotamians. Overlord Glee has a cute, sweet appearance and a scary, mean-looking appearance. When he is happy, he has his cute, sweet face. But, when he is mad, he has a scary, mean-looking face. Overlord Glee's nice form is his normal look, as a white and fluffy bunny. But, with his mean-looking form, he looks like a red, evil cat. Overlord Glee was afraid of Timmy and the Yugopotamians, so he turned to his scary form and yelled, "Get them!" That is when the other Gigglepies except Trilly, came after Timmy. Instead of being mean, they nicely tickled him so he was distracted. Then, Trilly the trust Gigglepie did not know that Timmy was in trouble. She really liked Cosmo and Wanda. She wanted them to stay with her. Trilly tried to hypnotize them to stay. Cosmo and Wanda knew that Timmy was in trouble, and tried to explain that to Trilly. Trilly did not believe them, but Cosmo and Wanda were out to save Timmy. Cosmo did not want to defeat the Gigglepies, because they were so cute. He said that they were cute enough to eat. Cosmo then ate Boo Boo and complained that they taste like manure. Then, the Yogopotamians wanted to eat the Gigglepies, but they were not hungry. Timmy wished that they were hungry and the Gigglepies were screaming in fear. Overlord Glee was in front of the line. He was the loudest screamer out of all the Gigglepies. Then, the Yogopotamians ate all the Gigglepies except Trilly. The king burped up a medal from Boo Boo's necklace and gave it to Timmy. Then, he sent Mark Chang and Vicky home. The next morning Timmy's mom and dad got cereal for Timmy. Then, Trilly the trust Gigglepie showed up and was Timmy's new pet bunny. The rest of the Gigglepies invaded Earth.


When Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda were taken to the Gigglepie leader, Overlord Glee, Overlord Glee explained why he invaded Yugopotamia. He explained to them that they move from planet to planet, draining each one and enslaving their natives in their goal to produce the Gigglepie merchandise. After Timmy questions their methods, Overlord Glee orders the other Gigglepies to attack Timmy (after he noted that their plan is horrible and that Glee didn't rhyme his sentences when he said that). He hypnotizes Cosmo and Wanda through rhyming, but fails at the moment when Timmy was in trouble and the last word that didn't rhyme. When everyone discovered that Gigglepies taste like manure, the Yugopotamians ate the Gigglepies (including Overlord Glee).


  • "Hello, you three. I'm Overlord Glee, won't you come and bow down to me?" (in his nice look)
  • "Isn't that cute?" (in his scary look)
  • "(in his nice look) He's onto us. (in his scary look) Get Him!"


  • Overlord Glee is like Yzma from Disney's "The Emperor's New Groove". They are both scary beyond all reason and claim to have nice appearances. Overlord Glee wants to get rid of the Yugopotamians just like Yzma, who wants to get rid of Kuzco. They both try to become the rulers. They are both evil, angry, and unhappy, unless they get in their way.
  • Overlord Glee's eyes represent the eyes of the former Cartoon Network stars, The Powerpuff Girls.


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