Timmy Turner: [as a girl scout] Would you like to buy a box of lemon creamie cookies?
Sheldon Dinkleberg: Anything to help the Cream Puff Girls. I'd give you a kidney, but I have only one left.
Dinkleberg: You see Turner, I am part of a secret organization called MEAN! The ministery of evil and abusive neighbors!</p>

Dinkleberg: You were right about me all along, Turner. The turth is I AM evil.
Mr. Turner: Eh, you mean I was right? Yay! No, wait, that's bad. BOO!

Mr. Turner: GEH! No toilet paper?! Dinkleberg has struck again!

Sheldon Dinkleberg: Hey, Santa Claus, what brings you here in September?
Timmy: [disguised as Santa] Uh...
Mr. Turner: SANTA VOICE!
Timmy: [disguised as Santa] Ho, ho, ho! I brought you stuffed panda.

Mr. Turner: [looking at the security camera with the stuffed bear as Dinkleberg was writing a letter to Santa about his "evil" plan to give the gift to a needy child] Oh, look at him! He's like the embodiment of evil! I can't watch.
Timmy: Dad, get a grip! There is nothing evil about Mr. Dinkleberg!
Mr. Turner: [referring to Timmy] GEH! Dinkleberg's got into you too! He put a chip in your little girl brain just like he did to your mother! [Picks up Timmy and holds a speaker facing beside his ear] YOU MANIAC, GIVE ME BACK MY SON!!!
Mrs. Turner: [she comes up out of the floor on a Hydraulic Lift with pitcher of lemonade] Hi, boys! I've brought you some lemonade!
Mr. Turner: GEH! That's not lemonade, that's mind control juice! [he then jumps, karate-chopping the lemonade pitcher and cups out of Mrs. Turner's hands] I must escape before I too fall under Dinkleberg's control! [goes to the escape button] To the escape chute! [he pushes the button, causing Mrs. Turner to fall in, and he jumps in too] Honey! Push in my fall...!

Mr. Turner: Ooh, it's shaped like a small intenstine with meatloaf walls and corn on the floor!
Timmy: That is his small intestine! He ate the cookie!

Mr. Turner: The perfect disguise. Now, to quietly look for signs of evil.

Dinkleberg: Then, I snuck into your closet and made all your ties clash!

Wanda: Oh no! Timmy, your dad's in trouble!

Mr. Turner: Timmy, stop talking with Dinkleberg's piranhas and hit that button!

Timmy: Wow, you really are the best neighbor ever!

Timmy: Didn't this used to be my room?
Mr. Turner: Not anymore, Welcome to Operation Dinkleberg.

Dinkleberg/Mr. Turner/Timmy:HEY!

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