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Titlecard-One Man Banned-V2
The alternate title card.
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  • This episode and Frenemy Mine were the first episode pair to debut this season, and the first since 9 Lives / Dread N' Breakfast. Since Post-Cancellation,most episodes debut once at a time everyday over one week.
  • This episode has an alternate version of the title card where Timmy is seen playing with various other instruments, including a guitar and an accordion with his feet. The title card was created by Gordon Hammond.
  • Tootie's glasses are black in this episode.
  • Tootie also has made three cameos in this episode: First, she busts into Timmy's room, she then tries to jump into Timmy's limo, and finally she attends Timmy's concert while holding up a "Marry Me!" sign.
  • Sheldon Dinkleberg has a different appearance in this episode,instead of having a gray hair and yellow clothes,he has brown hair and purple clothes.
  • Timmy actually broke two of Da Rules as due to his wish he gained fame and fortune which are against Da Rules. It is likely that due to the fact that he did not directly wish for fame and fortune Da Rules did not apply (This can happen when fairy magic is used indirectly).


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Elvis Presley
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  • The episode' title "One Man Banned" is a pun on "One-man band".
  • When Timmy is shown topping the charts, there are several references to real life bands. For instance, Pink Day (Green Day), Trixie Tang Clan (Wu-Tang Clan), Marky Mark Chang (Mark Wahlberg), T-Daddy (P-Diddy), and dozens of other references to OddParents characters and cast members.
  • Timmy's Dad, at the end of the episode, is dressed like Prince.
  • Timmyland Ranch is a reference to Neverland Ranch.
  • Mr. Bickles says Rock Me Amadeus, a reference to a 1985 pop song.
  • Timmy Triangle's descent from glory, and him becoming arrogant and overweight, mirrors Elvis Presley's later career.
  • Most of the album covers flying across the screen parody many famous albums. For example, one of the album covers parodies the famous image and album cover of The Beatles walking on Abbey Road. Another one parodies Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon and another parodies Nirvana's Nevermind, and Michael Jackson's Thriller.
  • Butch Hartman`s name comes incognito in the episode,as #27 in "The Top 100",the Butch Hartmans.
  • When Timmy says "It's Timmy time!" it is a reference to the preschool series on Disney Junior called "Timmy Time."'  It may also be a nod to M.C. Hammer's catchprase "Hammertime", from the song "U Can't Touch This".

Running Gags

  • Timmy playing the triangle only for it to cause a soundwave that will sound awful to other people.
  • People booing and then throwing tomatoes at Timmy when they don't like his music.
  • Timmy being mistaken for a coat rack.

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