Announcer: This game was brought to you by Farmer Ahab's Blubber Nuggets. [Announcer eats Blubber Nuggets] Mmmmm! They're chewy!

Wanda: What a nice day! Perfect for...
Cosmo: Sitting in the dark and playing V-Cube for 36 hours straight!
Wanda: Hey Timmy, can we play?
Timmy Turner: [snarls, foams at the mouth at them]
Cosmo: I'll take that snarling and foaming at the mouth as a no!

Flash: It's my ball!
Smooth: No, it's mine!
Ball Hogs: Mine! [start fighting over the ball]

Ballhog Player: I'm signing the deal with the ball and the glove.

Cosmo: Uh, Timmy, we can't! Remember, [makes his head like Timmy's] I wish I was freakishly huge and talented at Basketball. Ow... Until I get enough money for the V-Cube, I never want to be this freakishly huge again!
Timmy: [about what he did earlier] I have got to be less specific with these wishes!

Mr. Turner: Hi son! Nice new VCube, I mean [changes his tone from happy to angry] nice new VCube... Is that yours?!
Timmy: (hands VCube to his dad) No, it's yours. Take it.
Mr. Turner: [crying]

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