Timmy: [as the Masked Stranger] And I'd like to give a big western welcome to my trusty steed...
(he whistles, and Cosmo, as a steer, gallops into view)
Timmy: Cos-- (looks at Cosmo) -Moo.
Wanda: You're supposed to be his trusty steed!
Cosmo: Steed? I thought he said "steer". (hears seagulls) Still nothin'!

Chester: [to a coyote he's about to fight] Now your gonna get your "Beaten By a Chester" badge.

Chester: Hey, why does this jail cell still have a coyote-shaped dog door?
Sanjay: Because fate is cruel.

Sanjay's ancestor: Goodbye, Masked Stranger. We'll never forget you!
Elmer's ancestor: Remembering's for yellow bellies.

Mr. Turner: It took being attacked by coyotes and getting thrown in jail to realize my childhood stunk.

Timmy: Dad, do you have to whinny while you drive?
Mr. Turner: Nope, and I probably shouldn't have replaced the steering wheel with horse reins either, but safety is for yellowbellies.

Timmy: I hid the deed were no one would ever think to look!
Doug Dimmadome: Inside an old computer manual? No one reads the manual!

Sanjay: Does it say that in the manual?
Chester: Nobody reads the manual.
Timmy: Then it's in the manual!

Wanda: We're fairies, not psychics.
Cosmo: I can't even read my mind.. Still nothing!

Computer: Ya'll got a parcel!

Chester [to the coyote he's fighting] Bring it on, Wiley!

Timmy: I wanted to be a hero to you, Dad.
Mr. Turner: You are a hero to me, Timmy! You made me $8 richer!

Wanda: Sorry, Timmy. That's against the rules.
Timmy: Great, you read your manual.

A.J.: Is that the way the manual says to do First Aid?
Sanjay: Ha! No one reads the manual.

Vicky the Kid: I'll be back, I reckon!

Mr. Turner: No!!!!!!!!!

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