ScreenHunter 01 Dec. 10 13.18
Species: Dog
Hair color:       Green
Eye color:       Blue
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Merry Wishmas
Latest Appearance:
  Merry Wishmas

Nog-Dog is a superhero dog that appeared in "Merry Wishmas". He is basically the sidekick of Mr. Turner's Christmas based alias Nog-Man. He has not appeared since the episode Merry Wishmas.


Nog-Dog is wished up by Nog-Man with his second wish coupon. He helps Nog-Man in giving Nog to thirsty people. Nog-Dog has a kennel in the shape of a carton of Nog.


Nog-Dog, like Nog-Man's costume, is green in color. He also has a cape and a mask like Nog-Man.

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