Mr. Crocker: What am I missing?
Cosmo: Uh, Timmy, didn't he forget about the pop quiz?
Wanda: Oh...
Mr. Crocker: I don't know who said that, but you're right! Pop quiz!
(throws papers)

Geraldine Waxelplax: Good morning students, Mr. Crocker broke his failing hand and fell out of the window and into the new well yesterday, so he won't be in today.
(everyone cheers)
Geraldine Waxelplax: Please welcome your substitute teacher Mrs. Sunshine.
(Mrs. Sunshine come in classroom with shining appearance)
(kids watch and put on glasses)
Geraldine Waxelplax: (walking out of the classroom) Keep here away from the window.

(Elmer trying to figure out ?=0+0)
Mrs. Sunshine: Come on Elmer, you can solve it!
Elmer: I can't, I can't do it!
Mrs. Sunshine: And for admitting that, you get a gold star.
Bob: Yeehaw. There's a new sheriff in town. Howdy howdy.

Mrs. Sunshine: Well, I hope you all had an educalalearnerificteachialadocious day!
(Shows Timmy covered with gold stars)
Timmy: You bet!

Sanjay: (riding on his bike) Hi Timmy.
(shows cats chasing after him)
Cosmo: (as a cat) I can't resist him either.
(Cosmo in cat form chases after Sanjay)

Timmy: I can't wait to see how much things Mrs. Sunshine has in store for us!
Kids: Good morning Mrs. Sunshine!
(Mrs. Sunshine scratches the chalkboard squeakily)
Chester: Aw! My ears are bleeding! Do I get a gold star?

Cosmo: What was the name? I didn't catch it!
(Ms. Doombringer destroys everything and laughs evilly)
Kids: Ah!!!!
Timmy: Guys, what's going on? I'm confused.
Wanda: Me too.
Cosmo: Yeah, now she sounds superkillafragiviciousexpadeathadocious!
Wanda: Wow. That's actually pretty good.

Ms. Doombringer: Two, you have two fairies? Hey, that's extra credit!

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