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Nicktoons: Freeze Frame
Nicktoons Freeze Frame Frenzy Cover
Series The Fairly OddParents
SpongeBob SquarePants
Danny Phantom
All Grown Up
The Wild Thornberries
Jimmy Neutron
Hey Arnold!
Rocket Power
Invader Zim
Country of origin USA
Developer(s) Altron
Publisher(s) THQ
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Release date September 24, 2004 (NA)
January 2005 (JP)
Modes Single-player
Rating ESRB:Everyone
Media 2-megabit cartridge

Nicktoons: Freeze Frame is a video game created by Nickelodeon exclusively for the Game Boy Advance.


The plot revolves around the fact that characters from the many Nickelodeon worlds have been misplaced into each other's worlds, and Jimmy Neutron has taken into his hands the job that these characters are brought back to their own worlds. He sends out Danny Fenton, Arnold, SpongeBob, Tommy, Otto, and Timmy to take photos of the misplaced characters with his new invention, the "Neutrino-Cam 4000", a camera that also functions as a teleporter, which will send them back to their own worlds.

As the player progresses, it becomes clear that Zim is the mastermind behind the whole mess, and Jimmy soon realizes that after the player has cleared all the levels. Jimmy then flies off in his rocket to Zim's ship and stops the Irken's scheme. After taking a group photo, Zim works on his NEW plan to take over the world, making the ending sequence say, TO BE CONTINUED..


  • Contains sprites and portraits of many different characters from the Fairly Odd Parents.
  • The Popular Kids violinist is improperly referred to as Remy Buxaplenty's butler in the character gallery. Remy Buxaplenty does not appear in this game.
  • Tootie's name is misspelled Tooty. Principal Waxelplax is misspelled Wexelplax, Chet Ubetcha is spelled Chet U Betchya (and his portrait is of an unnamed reporter from the episode "Dream Goat!"), Chad is misspelled Brad, and Tad is misspelled Chad in the character gallery.
  • Most of the sprites are of scenes from Season 1, with the exception of scenes/characters from "Boy Toy" and "Inspection Detection" also included.
  • Some of the character pictures were used as icons for this wiki, and contain characters that were never in the real game, such as Foop.


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