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  • There seem to be two title cards for this episode. The broadcast one reads "A New Squid In Town", while the titlecard available on Fred Seibert's webpage says "New Squid In Town".
  • Cosmo is more easily fooled at bad disguises than Wanda. This is proven when Mark put on a hat and glasses to make him look like a student and Wanda was not fooled at all by it, but Cosmo was.
  • Mr. Crocker apparently always wanted an Acme Fairy Hunting Belt for Christmas since he said "Thank you, Santa!" after putting on the Fake-a-ifier Belt.


  • New Kid in Town - The episode' title comes from the saying.

Running Gags

  1. Whenever a husband doubts his marriage in the presence of Princess Mandie, his wife gives him a card to read out loud and say otherwise.
  2. When Timmy wishes for everyone to freeze, they are literally frozen.
  3. When Crocker appears out of nowhere in Principal Waxelplax's face and surprises her unintentionally, she would grab a hand dryer and attack Crocker with it off-screen.


  • In "Emotion Commotion!", Chester couldn't stand being near any girl and broke out into hives when around them, but in "New Squid In Town!" he is jealous of Mark Chang because the girls find him attractive. On the other hand, he may have developed an immunity to his allergy at this point or he may have gotten an allergy shot.
  • The Barister says Mandie's name like "Mandy", but that time she doesn't get mad. In all other instances, Mandie would get angry when her name is incorrectly said.
  • The hand dryer in Waxelplax's room is torn off the wall in one scene due to her hitting Crocker with it, but in the final scene, it's back on the wall for a short time before being torn off again.
  • Why would Principal Waxelplax keep a hand dryer in her bedroom?
  • Mr. Crocker would be severely hurt by being continuously hit by a hand dryer, although he appears to be fine after he was hit by a hand dryer the first time.
  • When everybody is frozen for the second time, Mandie and Mark are frozen together in ice. In the following scene, Mark is frozen alone in ice.

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