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The Nelvana Limited's logo

Nelvana Limited is a Canadian entertainment studio founded in 1937 known for its work and distributing in children's animation. It is the international distributor of Seasons 1 to 41 of Sesame Street.


  • The first five seasons of The Fairly OddParents!, are distributed by Nelvana.
  • In The Fairly OddParents! DVD's (at the beggining) and The Fairly OddParents! episodes (Season 1-5), two idents were used.

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Ident Gallery

Nelvana Limited Logo (2004)00:09

Nelvana Limited Logo (2004)

The Nelvana Limited logo, used for The Fairly OddParents! DVDs.

Nelvana Limited Logo (1996)00:04

Nelvana Limited Logo (1996)

The old Nelvana Limited Ident, at the end of the episodes from season 1-5, of The Fairly OddParents!

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