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  • Nega Timmy is Timmy Turner's evil opposite, similar to what the Anti-Fairies are to Fairies, and Nega-Chin is to Crimson Chin.
  • When Timmy makes the wish to do the opposite of what his parents say, the poof cloud says FOOP. Foop would later be the name of Poof's Anti-Fairy counterpart.
  • Mr. Crocker switches jobs and becomes a door-to-door ham salesman, and then a tour guide, in order to avoid Nega Timmy. Even though fairy godparents were responsible for him becoming evil.
  • Despite only having a one time appearance, Nega-Timmy is quite popular, creating a strong following of fans.
  • This episode was hardly shown for a long time, except in Canada on YTV, almost every two months during the whole run of the show, with all the seasons, airing over and over again.
  • Wanda use a quote (What's the worst can happen?) that is very similar to Timmy's catchphrase (What could possibly go wrong?).
  • Apparently Cosmo, Mr. Turner, Crocker's mother and Timmy look terrible without makeup.
  • Netflix considers this episode and Love at First Height part of Season 4


The Bad Parent Hunter
Lord BeckettAdded by Lord Beckett
  • This episode featured the music reversed which is similar to the reversed Spongebob theme in the episode, "Pickles".
  • "The Bad Parent Hunter" is a parody of the late world famous wild man, Steve Irwin best known as The Crocodile Hunter.
  • The music that plays over the title card is similar to Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565 by Johann Sebastian Bach.
  • Timmy Turner mentions the Walt Disney character Winnie the Pooh when he throws the trash bag on the floor, drop his homework book, and spit out his toothbrush.

Running Gags

  • Timmy doing the opposite of what his parents tell him to do when the wish is in effect.
  • Timmy or Cosmo noting to Wanda about something that she, at this point, would normally do when something bad is about to occur and Wanda denying she will do it this time.
  • Wanda going crazy when things slowly start to go awry.
  • People saying blah blah blah in their sentences when talking about something that almost always normally occurs in a situation.
  • People (especially men) putting make-up on.


Mr Crocker was bigger than the factory
Lord BeckettAdded by Lord Beckett
  • When Mr. Crocker is in the mud, he shouts FAIRY GODPARENTS!, but original captions say FAIRY BAD PARENTS!. Viewer Jack E. Putterman, of West Hartford, CT, is always cracked up whenever he thinks about this closed captioning error. The BAD PARENTS part of the text even refers to The Bad Parent Hunter, which Timmy's parents were watching in this episode.
  • After Timmy wishes to disappear the waves, you can see that when Mr. Crocker is about to fall on the Make-Up Factory. When said event occurs, he is bigger than the factory (see picture).

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