Mrs. Turner: How's the lemonade business, Timmy?
Timmy Turner: Terrible, nobody's buying anything!
Mrs. Turner: Well, I wouldn't want your self-esteem to be crushed. I'll be your first customer! Cheers!
Timmy: To my first customer!
(Timmy's Mom drinks the lemonade, but spits it out)
Mrs. Turner: And your last! This stuff you make yourself is horrible. Give me that back! I'm afraid I'll be taking my business elsewhere!

Wanda: And that would be stealing.(Timmy makes a look at Wanda as if he doesn't get the point) Which is bad!

Wanda: How do most 10-year-olds make money?
Timmy: A lemonade stand. Oh no, there is no way, no way I'm selling... [Changes scene to outside where Timmy is trying to sell lemonade at a stand] Lemonade, 25 cents.

Timmy: How are we doing?
A.J.: [singing] We're going to see Crash Nebula! We're going to see Crash Nebula!
Timmy: Dude, at this rate we're going to OWN Crash Nebula!

Cosmo: So that would be a no on the chocolate laxatives?
Timmy: Listen you, I- [stomach gurgles] Bathroom! [runs to the bathroom]
Cosmo: Well you're not going to find it in there!

Timmy: Less talky, more sweaty!

Vicky: I need lemonade on the double! [opens basement where there are many enslaved kids making lemonade]
Dale Dimmadome: The light! It burns!!!

Wanda: Why doesn't he just wish for sweeter lemonade?
Cosmo: I can do that! [he takes off his shoes and socks, then sticks his socks into a glass of lemonade.]
Wanda: I said "sweeter", not "sweatier"!
Cosmo: Really? I thought you said, "dunk your sweaty socks in Timmy's lemonade"!

Chet Ubetcha: This is Chet Ubetcha with BIG news... [drinks lemonade and the magic takes effect, making him gigantic] I'M THE TALLEST NEWSCASTER ALIVE! DETAILS AT ELEVEN!

Timmy: I'm gonna get more sweaty socks
A.J.: What?!
Timmy: Uh, I mean, to get a box of...look, a monkey! (runs away)

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