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Food Cart Guy
Gender: Male
Species: Humans
Personal Information
  Muffin Man
  Dimmsdale, CA
  Muffin Man
  Peddling muffins
Production Information
First Appearance:
Latest Appearance:
Voiced by:
Tom Kenny

The Food Cart Guy is a man who works in Dimmsdale selling muffins. His only appearance was in "Abra-Catastrophe!", where he became the first character to have a wish granted by the Magic Muffin.


Also known as the "Muffin Man", and officially as Food Cart Guy in the credits, he has no major role in the series other than serving as a distraction and nuisance for Mr. Crocker and Timmy Turner's plans.


He has curly red hair and wears a yellow shirt with a white apron over it. He pushes around a lunch cart full of muffins.


He appears in the school cafeteria of Dimmsdale Elementary School, peddling muffins and causing problems for Timmy Turner whom was trying to track down a specific Magic Muffin. He appears later in the second half of the movie and distracts Bippy the Monkey whom was the only person willing to help Timmy at the time.

Food Cart Guy

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