Titlecard-No Substitute For Crazy No Substitute For Crazy!
The only appearance of Ms. Doombringer in the series so far. She arrives at Dimmsdale Elementary School as a substitute teacher for Mr. Crocker named "Ms. Sunshine", fooling her students into believing she is a nice teacher by awarding gold stars for every task. When it is time for her to leave, Timmy Turner wishes that she would remain a permanent teacher, falling right into her trap. Ms. Sunshine reveals herself to be really Ms. Doombringer, a Fairy Hunter who used the gold stars to detect fairy magic in the classroom, and that she knows Timmy or one of his friends has fairies. She proves to be far more competent at hunting fairies than Mr. Crocker was, and eventually realizes that Timmy is the one with the fairies, but thanks to Mr. Crocker's help, Timmy is able to get rid of her by having her get hit by a bus. As she rides away stuck to the front of the bus, she vows to return and enact revenge on Timmy and Crocker, although she has not appeared in the series since.
Ms. Doombringer

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