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  • Mom's voice is provided by Susanne Blakeslee, who also voices Wanda, Mrs. Dinkleberg, Blonda and many others. Blakeslee also voices Mom's mother Gladys.
  • Since Mom was a double agent for Russia, she speaks Russian.[1]
  • Mom has contact lenses.[2]
  • She and her husband originally appeared in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts as recurring characters, but they had a significantly different character design and their faces were never revealed (similar to Cartoon Network's animated series Cow and Chicken); the top of their heads were sometimes visible, however. In one of the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts where they were seen from the back, she had red hair as well.
  • Despite her neglectfulness, she has shown to be nowhere near as stupid as her husband, possibly even really intelligent at times.
  • She had a problem with planting a garden in That's Life! since everything she touched died.
  • She does not know that the diamond on the ring that her husband gave her on their wedding day is actually made of cubic zirconium(Smart Attack!).
  • In Invasion of the Dads and Fairly OddPet, it is revealed that Mrs. Turner is allergic to cats.
  • In Beach Blanket Bozos, Mrs. Turner grew facial hair while surfing during the Wish Limbo
  • It has been rumored that her real name is Clemence, though this has not shown to be true.
  • Mrs. Turner was a real estate agent in earlier seasons, but since Season 6 onward she is mostly portrayed as a housewife. In "The Old Man and the C-" she made it clear she'd rather make Timmy get a job than have one herself.
  • It has been revealed that she used to be called Barnaby, according to Poltergeeks


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Mrs. Turner

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