Mrs. Marinelli
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personal Information
  Turner family (neighbours)
  Marinelli's Garden
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Operation: Dinkleberg
Latest Appearance:
  Operation: Dinkleberg

Mrs. Marinelli is the Turner family's next door neighbor on the left.


Mrs. Marinelli lives next door to Mr. Turner, and like Mr. Dinkleberg, he suspects her of being up to no good.


She is a little chubby and wears a gardening hat, a dress and an apron.


After Mr. Turner was happy after he learnt Dinkleberg was really evil (he really isn't, he just pretends to make Dad happy), he thought Sheldon didn't work alone, and thought he worked with Mrs. Marinelli and told Timmy to sell her a box of cookie cams while disguised as Cream Puff and told him to use the girl voice. She had no dialogue and looks similar to Mother Nature from "Balance of Flour". She is seen watering the plants outside her home at the end of "Operation: Dinkleberg". Timmy also mentioned that she worked with orphans.

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