Mr. Turner's Trophy is a trophy that was awarded to Mr. Turner for winning a foot race in his childhood. It appeared only in "Father Time!". According to the said episode, it is also the very trophy that led Mrs. Turner to marry Mr. Turner.


After being tasked with cleaning up the house, Timmy Turner made the error of melting his dad's trophy with heat vision as he didn't want to dust it by hand. His father was furious when he found out about this and sent Timmy to his room for melting his trophy. Wanda suggests to Timmy that he should apologize, but Cosmo then suggests to Timmy that he should go back in time and stop his dad from winning the trophy in the first place. As per Cosmo's suggestion, Timmy tried to prevent his father from winning the trophy in the first place, so that way he would not have to melt it. His plan succeeds, but it soon backfires as this causes the future to become a dystopian future where Mr. Turner rules the Earth. Timmy then goes back to before Mr. Turner went to the race and won the trophy (he would have lost as he was the slowest runner in class had he not remembered he still had his heat vision). This gets the time stream back to normal. Timmy then apologized to his father for melting his trophy and his father then forgives him since he apologized. His father then gave this trophy to him to give it to some girl that would marry him. A future Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda then suddenly appear and smash up the trophy to pieces before melting away the remains. Timmy tries to protest, but the future Timmy says he'll thank him for this later before leaving. Timmy still shocked says "I'm welcome?".


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