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Mr. Tulip Toes
Gender: Male
Species: Cat
Hair color:       Pink
Eye color:       Blue
Personal Information
  Dimmsdale, CA
Evil Jorgen (master)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Action Packed
Latest Appearance:
  Action Packed

Mr. Tulip Toes was Jorgen Von Strangle's pet cat during the episode Action Packed. In this episode, Timmy Turner's wish transformed Jorgen into an evil supervillain who had a stereotypical movie villain appearance, including a pink pet cat which he loved. However, Jorgen loved his evil magic draining machine more and tossed Mr. Tulip Toes aside. Tired of abuse, Mr. Tulip Toes eventually helps Timmy defeat Evil Jorgen.


Mr. Tulip Toes is pink and chubby. He does not talk much, or even move much, but when upset he is able to scratch Jorgen's face and distract him long enough for Timmy to reserve the effects of his magic draining machine. After his lone appearance in Action Packed, Mr. Tulip Toes has not been seen since.


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