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Titlecard-Chip Off The Old Chip Chip Off The Old Chip
Titlecard-New Squid In Town New Squid In Town!
Titlecard-Beach Bummed Beach Bummed!
Titlecard-Just Desserts Just Desserts!
Titlecard-Its A Wishful Life It's a Wishful Life
Titlecard-The Masked Magician The Masked Magician
Titlecard-One Man Banned One Man Banned
Titlecard-Poltergeeks Poltergeeks
Stagefright-titlecard Stage Fright
PlaceholderHD Dimmsdale's Got Talent


Titlecard-Whats The Difference What's The Difference?
Titlecard-Open Wide and Say Aaagh Open Wide and Say Aaagh!
Titlecard-Take and Fake Take and Fake
Mr. Bickles

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