Bus Driver: Announcing the arrival of Trixie Tang. Passengers prepare for submission.
(Trixie walks onto the bus, students begin to bow and grovel before her)
Students: We're not worthy! We're not worthy!
Timmy: Hi Trixie, I-
Trixie: Not worthy.

Timmy: There's got to be a way to get Trixie to notice me.
(Chester and A.J. raise their hands)
Timmy: Other than humiliating himself.
(Chester and A.J.'s lower their hands and sit quietly)

Sylvester Calzone: As you may or may not be aware, Dimmadance is where I punched out my first film critic, and got my big break by winning this- [holds up Dimmy] The much sought-after Dimmy award.
Crowd: Ooooh!
Sylvester Calzone: It's what legitimized me as a film maker and a critic puncher. (punches out Chet Ubetcha)

Timmy: Mom, Dad, can I borrow the video camera?
Mr. Turner: No way, son. We're making a documentary called "Stupid Questions Our Son Asks Us!".
Timmy: Why would you want to make a movie like that?
Mrs. Turner: Oh, that's a GREAT stupid question!
Mr. Turner: Yes! Ask some more, we're getting Dimmy-award winning gold here! And Trixie will totally talk to us!

Veronica: (reading) Timmy Turner presents a sneak preview of the greatest movie ever?
Trixie: Wow, just the fact that he might win a Dimmy makes me totally consider noticing him!

Timmy: (speaking on stage) Trixie Tang! ...and other kids I'm NOT trying to impress... I'm filmmaker Timmy Turner, and I present to you: THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE!

Elmer: (in Timmy's movie, dressed as a gladiator) We who are about to die, salute you! (bangs sword to chestplate) Oww, my chest!
Sanjay: Don't be such a baby. (bangs sword to chestplate) Oww, MY chest!

Chester: You've turned off your targeting computer! Is something wrong?
Timmy: Yeah! My dad's not happy about my friends jumping on the car!

A.J.: It was a masterpiece!
Elmer: Yeah, and we did it all ourselves. I didn't even use a stunt boil!

Timmy: (reading the letter Trixie left him) You stink! Attached is a photo of my hand, please talk to it!

Arnold Schwartzengerman: (as Hamlet) To be, or not to be... ANNIHILATED! (pulls out rocket launcher and shoots everything)

Arnold Schwartzengerman: Ulrich, I'll be back. (dies, comes back to life) With weapons. (dies again).
(the movie ends)
Timmy: Ha! They hated it!
(the crowd stands up and starts cheering and applauding)
Timmy: Well, they can't do this forever.
(Two Weeks Later)

Timmy: (about Tad and Chad's movie) Well, I still have a chance to beat them in the competition, right?
Mr. Turner: Oh! Swwwweeeet! (to Mrs. Turner, filming) Did you get that? Tell me you got that!

Timmy: Tad and Chad's film kicks my film's butt. I've got to make a better film.
Cosmo: What part of magic, fairy, and godparents are you not getting here?
Timmy: But it's a competition!
Wanda: True. But if you just happened to go where cool action stuff was happening...
Timmy: ...and I brought my film equipment with me and just happened to catch something on film...
Cosmo: ...and if I just happen to tear this page out of Da Rule book that says we can't help you... (Cosmo then tears a page out of Da Rules that reads "You can't help him.")
Timmy: ...then I would have shot a Dimmy winning film! C'mon, lets make the greatest movie ever! For real!

Sylvester Calzone: Your the species, I'm the extinction! Ahh!!

Gladiator: We who are about to die, salute you! Wait, we're about to die? Wait! STOP! STOP!!!

Timmy: (After the movie ends) Well, guys? Is that gonna kick Tad and Chad's movie or what?
Chester: But you replaced me! With an actor with better teeth!
A.J.: And more hair!
Sanjay: And a well oiled chest! What!? Am I the only one that noticed? This is... an OUTRAGE!!!
Timmy: Yeah, but it's better. Right? (Timmy's friends reluctantly murmur in agreement) I mean come on, guys. The first version stunk. Besides, we can be Trixie-impressing-award-winning-critic-punching winners with this.
Chester: Don't you mean you can?
Timmy: Um, duh! (Timmy's friends leave in disappointment) Wow, they really seemed upset.
Wanda: Well, Timmy, they were proud of it and you cut them out of the film.
Cosmo: Just like a sleazy-Hollywood dirtball! Congratulations, Timmy! You're finally a filmmaker! (Timmy looks disappointed)

Timmy: Why won't they stop laughing!?
Sylvester Calzone: Not to be a critic, but your film STUNK.
Timmy: What are you, some kind of critic?
Sylvester Calzone: Kid's got a point. (punches himself out of chair)

Chet Ubetcha: And the Dimmy goes to... Timmy Turner! For best comedy!
Wanda: You won! Which is weird because you weren't even entered in that category!
Cosmo: You were so bad you were good!

Sylvester Calzone: (still continuing to punch himself) C'mon, is that the best I've got?

A.J.: Timmy! You did it! You're an award winning film maker!
Timmy: Yeah, but I couldn't have done it without you guys. And I'll never desert my friends again! (pause) Now excuse me while I desert you to talk to Trixie! (dashes off)

Timmy: Hiya Trixie! I'm a film maker! An award winning film maker! Want to see my award? That I got for my film? That won? HERE? (Timmy gets no response) I don't understand! Why isn't she talking to me!?
Trixie: Because, anonymous voice from nobody, you won for comedy, and everybody knows that comedy is the second lowest form of entertainment next to animation.
Tad: Besides, we're still rich. We only did this because we were bored.
Chad: Yeah, c'mon, let's go be rock stars now! (Tad and Chad run off)
Trixie: Oh my gosh! I just realized! I'm totally in love with rock stars! (Trixie runs off after Tad and Chad)
Timmy: (sighing, to his fairies) Do you think I'll have a shot if I was a rock star?
(Timmy's parents appear next to him, filming him with a camera)
Mr. Turner: GOLD! We're already filming our sequel, "Stupid questions our son asks other people!"

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