Mount Dimmsdale
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Additional Information
  Abominable Snowman
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Snow Bound
Last Appearance:

Mount Dimmsdale is a mountain located near the city of Dimmsdale.


Mount Dimmsdale is located in a snowy mountainous area some distance from Dimmsdale. At the base of the mountain is a Ski Resort and Lodge.


The mountain is mostly white capped and covered entirely with snow. There are several trees and skiing flags along the face of the mountain, as well as a ski lift going up to the mountain range.

In its other appearance, it is less covered with snow, except the white cap at the top, which is blown off after a satellite crashes into it and causes the mountain to erupt into a volcano.


This mountain is the primary setting of the episode "Snow Bound". This mountain is where Vicky and Timmy went snowboarding, with the former using the latter as her snowboard. Vicky twice screamed at Timmy, both times causing a portion of this mountain to avalanche snow down on them both. The first time, it caused Timmy and Vicky to become snowed in a cave near the base of the mountain.


Mount Dimmsdale erupting in the background behind Mr. Crocker.

After warming up to each other by literally hugging for warmth, Timmy and Vicky become closer to each other, but they were then cornered by the Abominable Snowman. Timmy managed to escape the cave using his fairy godparent's frozen fishbowl. Timmy returned after thawing out his frozen fairy godparents and opened up the cave using a drill machine. Cosmo and Wanda turned themselves into snowboards, whom Timmy and Vicky used to snow board down the mountain and back to the ski lodge. They were chased there by the Abominable Snowman, who revealed himself to be a hot-looking pizza delivery guy.

Another version of Mount Dimmsdale appears in "Nega-Timmy", although it may have simply been the same mountain during a different season. After a satellite is crashed into the mountain as part of Nega-Timmy's evil plan, reactivates the dormant volcano and its lava flow destroys the Dimmsdale Dam (it was the only thing that could actually destroy the dam since it was impervious to any natural disaster except a huge lava flow).

In the episode "Squirrely Puffs", Timmy, his father, and his friends and fellow Squirrel Scouts race his mother, Tootie, and other Cream Puff girl scouts to the top of Mount Doomsdale, although this appears to be a different mountain and resort all together.

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