Mother Von Strangle
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy
Personal Information
  Von Strangle family
  Fairy World
Jorgen Von Strangle
Leonard Von Strangle (nephew)
Cosmo Cosma (distant nephew)
Poof (distant great-nephew)
Mama Cosma (possible sister)
Papa Cosmo (possible brother)
Nana Boom Boom (mother-in-law)
Ginny Von Strangle (Great Niece)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Wish Upon a Mom
Latest Appearance:
  Wish Upon a Mom

Mother Von Strangle is the mother of Jorgen Von Strangle. She has never actually seen or appeared in the show, but was mentioned in the children's book "Wish Upon a Mom".


Nothing is known about her, but the way Jorgen speaks of her in sadness hints that she may have lost contact with her son for many years.

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