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Most Wanted Wish
Season 3, Episode 17
Titlecard-Most Wanted Wish
Prod. Code: 32A
Premiered: (Australia)
September 20, 2002
May 2, 2003
Wish: Timmy to be the most
wanted kid in the world
Headgag: A rock
Written by:
  Scott Fellows
Storyboard by:
  Dave Thomas
Directed by:
  Gary Conrad
Art Direction:
  Bob Boyle
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This is Your Wish
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DVD Releases:
  Season 3
School's Out!: The Musical
Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2
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Most Wanted Wish is the seventeenth episode of Season 3.


Timmy wishes that he was the most wanted kid in the world, resulting in all of Dimmsdale's residents- including Trixie- wanting him. Unfortunately, he's even wanted by the FBI in the sense that he's a criminal! Even worse, now every single fairy in the universe wants to be his godparent, forcing Cosmo and Wanda to go up against every fairy in existence in a Texas cage-match to retain their god-parenthood over Timmy.


When Tad and Chad picking out soccer teammates, they are picking AJ. It's just between Chester and Timmy, and Tad and Chad picking Chester than Timmy. Next, when every kids on fifth grade is paired, except Timmy and Trixie. But, Mr. Crocker said to Trixie: "You'll be paired with this rock!" and Trixie paired with a rock. Trixie likes the rock more than Timmy much to his dismay.

Timmy wishes to be the most wanted kid in the world after being ignored so much and being upstaged by a rock wearing his hat. The next day, his Parents beg Timmy to drive him to school, getting into an argument, but Timmy takes the bus as always. Every kid on the bus wants Timmy to sit with them. At school, Trixie wants Timmy badly, which excites Timmy, but the entire school wants Timmy so badly that they chase him home. Timmy goes home covered in kisses, happy with all the attention he has been getting, but things aren't as good as they appear, as always. He becomes so popular that even the FBI wants him, putting him at the top of their Most Wanted List.

Soon, all the fairies in Fairy World wants him to be their godkid. The only way this can be settled is through a match in Texas; a Texas Cage Match. The way to win the prize is to avoid getting blasted in the butt with a magical boot created by other fairies. The fairies then all battle in Texas. Timmy uses an escape pod to get there, and uses his wish to distract all the fairies, allowing Wanda to defeat them. Timmy asks why they don't seem to want him, to which Wanda replies by saying that because they are already his fairies, they have to "want" him, because they already have him. This distracts Wanda long enough for Jorgen to blast her hard in her butt. It is down to Jorgen and Cosmo, and Cosmo is an awful shot. Timmy distracts Jorgan as hard as he can, but the wish seems to have a weaker affect on Jorgan, due to his emmense power. He is able to coerce Jorgan into granting a few wishes, and begs Cosmo to focus. Cosmo, after repeated failed shots, manages to hit Jorgan in his large butt not once, but four times, giving him the win. The fairies then start fighting over a rock wearing Timmy's pink hat while Timmy and his godparents head back to Timmy's house.

Tired of being wanted, Timmy wishes that he were ignored, something he initially said and did not take seriously, but Cosmo did, and grants his wish. Timmy ends up ignored by everybody, including his fairies.

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