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Wanda: Cosmo, where is the fizz coming from?
Cosmo: Where it usually does--your cooking! [farts] PFFT

Mrs. Turner: [sighs and drinks the Cosmo transformed soda]
Cosmo: Hehehe it tickles!

Mr. Turner: Tennis! Swimming pool! Golf! Waving people! Perfect smiles!

Timmy: Chester, AJ! you live here too?

A.J.: All scooters go the same pre-approved speed: a very safe two miles per hour.
Timmy: Why two miles per hour?
Chester and AJ: [creepily] YOU'LL SPILL YOUR MILK.

Chester, A.J., and Mr. Turner: Drink the milk, Timmy. DON'T BE DIFFERENT. DRINK YOUR MILK!

Crowd: (in a creepy hypnotized state) Timmy! DRINK YOUR MILK, TIMMY.

Doug Dimmadome: More milk, more mind control and more mind control, more money!

Mrs. Turner: Take your wallets and follow me!

Timmy: (burp) Thank (burp) you!

Crowd: Do it. Do it.
Cosmo and Wanda: Moo it. Moo it.
Denzel Crocker: Fairies. Fairies.

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