Mooooving Day
Season 5, Episode 22
Titlecard-Mooooving Day
Prod. Code: 70A
Premiered: October 3, 2005
Wish: Mom to sell houses better
Headgag: Cow
Story by:
  Jack Thomas
Written by:
  Gene Grillo
Storyboard by:
  Dave Thomas
Directed by:
  Gary Conrad
Art Direction:
  George Goodchild
Ernie Gilbert
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Mooooving Day is the twenty-second episode of Season 5.


While Timmy is getting ready for a belching contest, he notices that his mother is having no luck with her job in real-estate. Timmy wishes that his mother could sell houses, and soon enough she has sold everyone's houses, including the Turners' themselves, moving them into luxurious Dimmadome Acres. Everything seems well in Dimmadome Acres until Timmy notices that everyone who has been drinking the milk is acting all weird. This means it is everyone but him (due to his practicing for the belching contest by drinking strictly soda) has suddenly been put into a trance-like state, even Cosmo and Wanda have become hypnotized! Timmy must now find a way to free everyone from the milk's influence.


Chugging down bottles and bottles of mega fizzy drinks, Timmy is preparing for the belching contest when he finds out that his mom hasn't sold a single house in days. Feeling sympathetic for Mrs. Turner, Wanda puts a charm on her that will allow her to sell any house she touches. Everything goes great until Timmy and his dad find out that she has sold their house as well, and they are going to move to Dimmadome Acres.

Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and his parents then move to Dimmadome Acres, where all the houses are identical and lined up in perfect rows; however, everyone is somewhat obsessed with the milk there. Still drinking bottles of mega fizzy soda, Timmy notices that everyone is suddenly in some sort of trance after drinking the milk. In a happy zombified way, the citizens of Dimmadome Acres along with Chester, A.J., Mr. Crocker, Vicky, and Bucky (who have all moved there as well) pursue Timmy, trying to turn him into one of them. Timmy's parents and even his godparents are about to capture him, when Timmy discovers an underground dairy factory and enters. He finds out that the mastermind behind all of this is Doug Dimmadome.

Doug Dimmadome explains that with the milk and the moving he can earn more cash, which is the scheme he's been pulling. Just as his zombies are about to capture Timmy, Timmy throws his mega fizzy soda drink at the milk. It makes a combination of milk and soda which explodes, splashing over everyone and everything, turning Dimmadome acres back into the garden field it was before, freeing everyone from their trance, and erasing Doug Dimmadome's memories of Dimmadome acres (the soda was poofed up by Cosmo, making it magical). Dimmadome is taken away on a bulldozer. Now that everyone is back to themselves, they all move back to Dimmsdale thanks to Mrs. Turner.

After the weirdness is over, Timmy competes in the Big Burp-off against Chompy the Goat. Chompy burps a small burp, while Timmy belches so loud the world shakes, winning him the contest.


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