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Cosmo: He said giant sandworm, right?

Wanda: Oh no! It's the dadcam!

Cosmo: I'm sorry, I couldn't see with the North Pole stuck on my face!

Timmy: Ack! I'm wearing a skirt!
Mrs. Turner: It's called a kilt! I'm wearing a skirt! And I think that kilt looks cute on you.

Cosmo: Blah blah blah man with skirts!

Russian Agent: We received your secret code, Timmy's Mom-ski!

Dark Laser: Flipsie! We're going to Septimberfest!

Mrs. Turner: I wish I could take you to a exciting place like Septimberfest, but I can't!
Timmy: Did you just say "Septimberfest"?

Mr. Turner: Now that's what I call crashing a party, son with blasting laser arms that I never knew you had.
TimmyBot-9000: Man skirts rule!

Britney Britney: Oh no, my new nose!

Mr. Turner: You look different, are you a robot?
TimmyBot-9000: Negative!

Mr. Turner: Timmy, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Cosmo: Fire! I'll put it out! I'LL PUT IT OUT!

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