Mrs. Turner: See Timmy my swimsuit still fits! (Timmy's is surprised and then his eye twitches)
Mr. Turner: And my me too!

Doctor: [referring to Dad in drag] Well we were here, after Adam West, but this guy's much crazier.
Other Doctor: I'm gonna need a bigger needle! [makes his needle much bigger than it originally was]

(captured by Vicky who has them dangling over a boiling pot of weenies)
Timmy Turner: What do we do!?
Catman: Well, in a moment, the director will call cut, and a stage hand will get us down for doughnuts and coffee. I like my coffee with milk because I'm... part cat.

Adam West: See you in one week.(4 days later) Hi Timmy! See you in 3 days.

Vicky: (To Adam West) I cleaned your cat litter, washed your cat cave, and clean your cat... cats for free! Bye!

Catman: [referring to Mr. Turner] Say think I can get her phone number?
Timmy: That's no she! That's my dad!
Catman: So you have it then!

Timmy: Quick! To the judges table!

Timmy: [To Catman about Mr. Turner] He's not going to call you! Really!

Mr. Turner: [outraged] Where does it say that a man can't be beautiful?
Guard: Actually, right here. [shows a book called "The Book of Pretty" and hands it to Mr. Turner who starts reading it]

Timmy: Why is Vicky brown-nosing Adam West and blackmailing the mayor?

Timmy: [Looks up at Vicky, horrified] Vicky!
Catman: Vicky? Thats an odd name for a boy, but ok.

Timmy: [he bites one of the cans but gas spews out] Ahhh! Pepper Gas!
Catman: Sorry, third to the left. Cats can't count.
Timmy: [Timmy bites the third can to the left and cat litter spills out of the can] Cat Litter?

Dinkleberg: [laughing] Looks good, Turner!
Mr. Turner: Dinkleberg...

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