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Mike E Mozzarella's Pizza Fun House
Country: United States
World: Earth
Additional Information
Timmy Turner
Chester McBadbat
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Birthday Wish!
Last Appearance:
  Birthday Wish!

Mike E. Mozzarella's Pizza Fun House is a sit down restaurant and family entertainment center that accommodates children's birthday parties.


Tootie hosted her birthday party at this place, but anyone who showed up was scared away by Vicky. Timmy was also there with his friends Chester and A.J. but they did not attend Tootie's birthday party even though they used her invitations to get in(this was because Timmy was more fascinated with the passes rather than the invitations when Tootie desperately tried to invite Timmy to her birthday party).


The building is one story tall with a large decorative statue of the restaurant's mascot rat holding up a pizza. The building is yellow and red colored and the roof slightly resembles pizza dough. Inside is a crudely built robot band on a stage, a pellet pit, an arcade, and a table section for birthday parties.


  • Pellet pit
  • Animatronic animal band
  • Arcade


  • Mike E. Mozzerella (the mascot) is loosely based on Chuck E. Cheese, a mascot of Chuck E. Cheese's.
  • This place is an obvious parody of Chuck E. Cheese's.
  • This is one of 4 parodies of a restaurant/arcade/funhouse shown on Nick, the others being Bloaty's Pizza Hog from Invader ZIM and Piggy's Pizza Palace in Rugrats and Funk E. Festers from ICarly on Nickelodeon.

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