• Spider Man - The powers of Timmy senses and spider snot are a reference to Spiderman's "spidy senses" and "spider shot".
  • Wonder Twins - The morphing power is a reference to the Wonder Twins's power.
  • Silver Surfer - When Cosmo and Wanda were holding a dummy that represented Timmy, they disguise like Silver Surfer. (The only difference is that they use skateboards instead of surfboards)


  • When Timmy says "They just can't do it all!", the captions display it as "They just can't give it up!".
  • In this episode, Mr. Turner is seen working at a company called Big Co. But in The Boss Of Me, he is seen working at Pencil Nexus. Although it could be that he was fired or he resigned Big Co. to go to Pencil Nexus.

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