Chester: [talking on the magic microphone, impersonating Darth Vader] Luke, I am your father. [normal voice]: Man, this thing is cool!

Vicky:(on magic microphone on-air) All parents are morons!
Timmy Turner: Hey, you can't say moron on the radio. You can only say it on TV.

Federal Communications Commission Agent: Nobody move. We represent the Federal Communications Commission. Which one of you is Double T in the morning?
Children: (pointing at Vicky) SHE'S DOUBLE T IN THE MORNING!
Vicky: What?! [The two agents handcuff Vicky] Come on! I'm not Double T! [Timmy has the microphone pointed at her so her voice becomes Double T's] He's Double T! [She realizes that she just spoke with the said voice] Ah... whoops!
Federal Communications Commission Agent: (to Vicky) You can't say moron on the radio. You only say it on television.
Federal Communications Commission Agent #2: (as the agents take Vicky away) Let's go punk!
Vicky: (as the police car drives away to the sunset) NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Cosmo: And Vicky's a moron! And I'm not a fairy, [poofs muscular body] [talks into magic microphone] I'm a man! A biiiiig strong man!

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